Japanese Online Lesson

It’s never too late to start learning.  Let’s be a Japanese speaker.

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 Get a cup of tea, sit down, and chat with a Japanese teacher.


AKP Shopping Assistant provides private Japanese lesson using Skype. 

Japanese/English bilingual will give you 40 minute Japanese lesson.      

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Interests: Studying French, party, music, movie, investment
Likes: work out, reading, drinking, cats
Dislikes: Bugs, swimming, kanji^^;
TOEIC: 920 points (Jan/2016 test score)
Certificate: SAKE navigator (May/2017 obtained)
Favorite Proverbs; “Practice makes perfect”, “Time is money”

  • No need to be registered to be a student.
  • Just make a reservation each time.
*The first three lessons are provided cheaper than the original lesson fee.  

             1∼3  lesson/1,400yen(About $12USD)

             4∼    lesson/ 1,800yen(About $16USD)

The lesson is in chat style with no text-book.  Any Japanese level is accepted.

  • Requesting an online lesson showing how to make a “SHURIKEN” (a throwing knife that Ninja uses) with origami, for example, is OK!

I also have grammar study materials ready for you if you are interested in.

Examples: 何を話したいですか?日本を旅行しようと思っています。日曜日に買い物に行くつもりです。お金を貯めなければならない。運転をすることができます。


Foreigners who live in Japan are welcomed to be my students too!!

Things you are wondering about Japanese people’s behavior and customs that you don’t really understand but can’t ask Japanese around you??  I will try answering your questions^^ 

日本にお住いの方には、ONLINE LESSONの料金支払方法として銀行振り込みも受け付けます。(手数料は負担していただきます。)

A bank transfer of a lesson fee is accepted for the resident of Japan.

Make a reservation: akp2016@yahoo.co.jp   OR send form from below:


See Lesson Policy for the detail.


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