O-mikuji おみくじ(fortune paper) can be found in shinto shrines all over Japan.   It is a written divination about a person’s near future.  Many people pick o-mikuji when they visit shine for the first time of the year hoping the result tells great things.

I picked “Daikichi”だいきち this year.  Yay!!! ⇓


The standard O-mikuji has about four kinds of results regarding luck ranging from daikyo to daikichi.

大凶 だいきょう daikyō (great bad luck)

凶 きょう kyō(bad luck)

吉 きち kichi (good luck)

大吉 だいきち daikichi (great good luck)

The advises about general things such as love, business, travel are also written in this paper.

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