Sake Tastingn Party 9/16(SAT) in Tokyo

~AKPSA is hosting SAKE TASTING PARTY on September 16(SAT) 2017~

Try Japanese sake all 4 or 5 kinds with Tsumami(snack).

If you are new to SAKE, don’t worry. There will be a lecture on how to drink sake and the basics of sake making procedure upon your request.

*The host of this event is a holder of SAKE navigator certificate.

💛Participating alone, as a couple, with friends, ALL welcomed!

💛ALL ages (over 20-years-old), genders, and nationalities welcomed!

Price: 2,500 yen/person       

Pay in CASH at the entrance

What are included in the price: 2 hours of all-you-can-drink-sake ticket, Otsumami (snacks), Sake lecture upon your request.

  • Place: 〒156-0043東京都世田谷区松原 2-42-5 明大前フラワーハイホーム202

2-42-5-202 Matsubara Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

  • Date: September 16 Saturday, 2017
  • Time: 13:00-16:00
  • Access: Access: 2 minutes from KEIO /INOKASHIRA line “MEIDAI MAE” station 明大前駅

Capacity: about 22 people

Due to the nature of this event, under 20-year-old is not allowed to join this event. The legal age of drinking alcohol is over 20-year-old in Japan. Driving after drinking alcohol is illegal. Use public transportation


Send all of participants’ name, email address, phone number.

**This event is limited for about 22 persons.  To secure your seats please make a reservation.  The persons with reservation are given priority entry.


9月16日(土)日本酒交流会 をやります!








価格: 2,500 /1人



  • Place: 〒156-0043東京都世田谷区松原 2-42-5 明大前フラワーハイホーム202
  • Date:2017年9月16日(土)
  • Time:13:00~16:00
  • Access:Access:京王線「明大前駅」から徒歩2分 京王井の頭線「明大前駅」から徒歩2分

定員 約22名


予約:  mail: 電話:090-3518-5155



**本イベントについて開催会場”明大前フラワーハイホーム” 様へのお問い合わせはご遠慮ください。

Electric toothbrush /電動歯ブラシ

Once I started using it…damn!! it’s quite nice isn’t it?  It made my daily tooth cleaning routine change.

The electric toothbrush/電動歯ブラシ(でんどうはぶらし) that I bought at “Awesome Store” was just awesome💛  Small, easy to use,  and I can totally expect that my dental hygine will be improved by using it.


I think my old toothbrushes have to go now.

It’s being raining …

They say we have rain everyday in Tokyo since August 1st.

It’s half of this month despite this is not the rainy season!

I had plans to visit some museums to receive appreciation of art, but … I decided I didn’t want to get wet.

20170815_165744_HDRInstead, I just appreciate the fact that good wine and cheese are easily obtainable even in neighborhood stores these days in Japan.

Kamaboko かまぼこ

Kamaboko・かまぼこ is steamed fish paste or fish sausage so to speak.  Looking like this↓(photo; LEFT) when you buy it,  it is attached to a little wooded board.  When you eat, you slice peaces from the wooden board.

Japanese eat kamaboko with noodles such as udon・うどん or we prefer to have this food as one of a new year dish.  Sometimes, you find it in chinese dishes and it is also delicious when you eat it as it is with some say sauce and a little bit of wasabi!



Ama zake あまざけ

Ama zake 甘酒・あまざけ is…  a sweet alcoholic drink made from fermented rice.

It is sake but usually nonalcoholic or slightly alcoholic and it has sweet taste but it usually contents no sugar.


As a “SAKE navigator”,  I recommend you to drink ama zake especially during hot and humid summer in Japan because ama zake is called “summer energy drink” and prevent getting sick from heat.