A cat on the balcony

Walking on the street in the rain, I saw this cat looking down from the balcony.

DSC01967 - コピー

I was on my way to visit Japanese sake (rice wines) brewery in Higashi-murayama City, Tokyo(東村山市).



Sake Tasting Party 5/19(Sat)


5月19日 2018年
☆時間 18:15から(入場は18:10から可能です)20:45まで
☆場所 東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-8-10 エクセレンスビル203
☆会費 男性3,000円プラス4合(720ml)の日本酒を1本


Our Sake Tasting Party on 5/19 (SAT) will start at 18:15 & finish at 20:45. (The venue is open from 18:10)
☆Place:東京都武蔵野市吉祥寺南町1-8-10 エクセレンスビル203
(2mins from Kichijoji station)
☆Charge:Male 3,000yen and one bottle of Nihonshu (720ml)
Female 2,500yen and a snack to share with others
Capacity is 14 persons

At a cozy rented room, we will discuss Nihonshu/Japanese Sake and taste sake together.

If ”Ginzo”吟醸, ”Junmai”純米, ”Honjozo”本醸造 is indicated on the label of the bottle it is Nihonshu/Japanese sake.
example; 特別純米酒、純米大吟醸

*The participants who forget to bring Nihonshu or snack will be guided to purchase one near the venue.

Reserve:Using below form↓

Or through FaceBook page↓


Ueno Zoo

I visited Ueno Zoo (上野動物園), the oldest zoo in Japan yesterday.

Why Ueno zoo?  Too see the giant panda cub.  However, I failed to take a numbered ticket to be given by the zoo.  So, I didn’t see the baby panda Xiang Xiang and her mom Shin Shin.  But I managed to see Xiang Xiang’s daddy Ri Ri and took his picture⇓♡

Not only animals, but Ueno Zoo has five storied pagoda in the zoo which was built back in 1631!!  Cool♥

Just outside the zoo looked like this⇓…so many people try to see the cherry blossom around Ueno park.  wow

Old town scape

I visited “Edo Tokyo Tatemonoen” 江戸東京たてもの園 in Koganei-City, Tokyo.

Here they have reconstruction of the old town scape and it is interesting to peek the life of old-time (mainly about 70 years ago).

They have reconstructed a soy source shop, a public bath house, a bar, a cosmetic manufacture, and a lot more…

Here, I took some pictures and sharing them with you💛

An Inn↓

An Umbrella shop?↓

A Soy sauce shop↓

A Bar↓

And a public bathhouse↓

Weeping Willow & the Japanese House

It snowed the day before yesterday in Tokyo (3/21), but Spring is here.

Making people want to go out and feel the warm and fresh air.

Today(3/23) I was under this weeping willow(shidare yanagi)しだれやなぎ, besides the old Japanese wooden house.

Daiginjo Japanese sake chocolate

I often introduce sake (Japanese rice wine) in a bottle in my posts, but this time I’m introducing sake in chocolate that I found at a convenience store.


I was so excited to open this box…”大吟醸” Daiginjo means the very special sake with fruity aroma.

As soon as I opened the box, I could smell the sake!  and the taste was real sake too!!  It is quite amazing they put real good quality sake in a chocolate and it tastes so elegant and good!