-Shopping Request Flow

  1. Send me request email
  2. Confirmation email of the item with estimate plus payment request will be sent to you
  3. 1st Payment through PayPal(Price of the goods+domestic shipping fee +handling fee)
  4. I order your item and receive them
  5. I will send email to you with the shipping fee information
  6. 2nd payment through PayPal(oversea shipping fee)
  7. I will send the item after the confirmation of shipping fee



1st payment=Total price of your order (plus tax)+domestic delivery fee+AK Personal Shop assistant charge


2nd payment=Delivery fee to your address from Japan

*Consumption tax in Japan is 8% currently


AKP Shop Assistant service charge is as follows:

(Total amount of goods is) 1〜7,499yen=1,500yen /store

(Total amount of goods is) 7,500yen~=20%


If the item is 500yen, the AKP charge is 1,500yen. (minimum charge)

If the item is 30,000yen, the AKP charge is 6,000yen. (20% of item price)

*If you buy 800 yen item and 4,000yen item front the same store, the AKP charge is 1,500yen.

*If you buy 1,000yen item from store A and 700yen item from storeB, the AKP charge is 3,000yen. (1,500yen :storeA)+1,500yen :storeB=3,000yen)

*If you buy 50,000yen item and 18,000yen item from the same store, the AKP charge is 13,600yen.  In this case, the price of the both items are more than 15,000yen, therefore, the AKP charge is also 13,600yen even if you buy them from the different stores.

I will combine and repack boxes if you purchased the multiple stores and wish them to be packed in one box with 500 yen charge.  If you buy multiple goods from the same store and they arrived in different boxes, I will combine and repack with no charge.

  • Combine and repack with extra charge of 500 yen/box
  • Combining 2 boxes into one box is charged 500yen
  • Combining 3 boxes into one is charged 1,000yen


I will use Japan Post EMS for the oversea delivery;

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