MONT BLANC dessert モンブラン ケーキ

A mont blanc is a popular dessert in Japan.  You can find “mont blanc” (モンブラン)usually at cake shops all over Japan.  I had one at a comfortable cafe along with a cup of Indian tea today.

I started with this dessert by scooping side wondering when is the best time to eat sweetened chest nut on top.  Well, I had it after finishing about a half of this snow-capped mountain like cake and thought it was well flavored and I liked it^^



Do you know KABUKI?  歌舞伎(かぶき)

Kabuki: Traditional Japanese theatre, in which songs, dance and MIME are performed by men.

GINZA KABUKIZA 銀座歌舞伎座 is the place in Tokyo where you can watch this fascinating show!  (There are a few more Kabuki theatres in other locations in Japan)   I have been to KABUKIZA in Ginza once and saw the performance.   I thought it worth seeing at least once in your life time even when you are not very familiar with these types of entertainment.  Quite an amazing experience.  I’d like to be seated closer to the stage next time.


Poster in the subway


Blood donation

I donated my blood the other day.  My blood type is B.  Blood donation is 献血(けんけつ)in Japanese which is pronounced “kenketsu”.

In front of a train station, blood donator centre staffs were requesting people to donate 400ml of blood per person and I did it!!

After filling medical questionnaire sheet and checking my blood pressure, I moved to a mobile van and the doctor checked my health by asking about my medical history and my current physical condition.  I passed it(!), so they started collecting my blood.  Some people are scared of needles but I don’t^^


After successfully donated my blood, I was assisted to move out of van and rest.  There, they provided juice and snacks❤️


Kuri Kinton くりきんとん

Kuri Kintonくりきんとん(栗きんとん) is candid chestnut with sweet potatoes.  In Japan it is typically served on new years for good luck and prosperity.

I made this lucky food using this↑ package of candid chestnut (photo in the middle) that I bought at a grocery store.

I smashed one big size sweet potato after boiling it and mix it with 50g of sugar, pinch of salt, half cup of water, half cup of mirin, and candid chestnut and the syrup in the package (I cut chestnut into small pieces in the pan) and boil it until the water is gone.

This is my favourite part!!  Put the mash on plastic lap and squeeze it.

And beautiful ball shaped❤️ Kuri Kinton❤️ is done!  So cute & sweet & delicious!


I made about 13 pieces of Kuri Kinton with this recipe.

Yellowtail (Kanburi 寒ブリ)

This is the best season of Cold Yellowtail (yellowtail caught during the cold season), and we call them Kanburi 寒ブリ in Japanese.  It’s regarded as delicious because of its higher fat content.

There are many ways to have Kanburi, but I made “deep fry kanburi” Tatsuta-age in Japanese 竜田揚げ this time.


Heavy snow on January 22

It snowed a lot in Tokyo and its surrounded area on 1/22 (Monday).

These photos were taken in Tokyo 1/23 (Tuesday) morning.

In central Tokyo, more than 20cm of snow was observed.

Trains were late and commuters hurrying home got stuck in and around train stations such as Shibuya and Shinagawa stations in the evening of Jan 22.


Denny’s morning menu

Do you have “Denny’s”-the chain casual restaurants in your country?  We have them all around Japan.  They open 24 hours and serve morning, lunch, snack, and dinner with fast service, good taste, and reasonable price.

I’ve never tried Denny’s in other countries except for Japan and USA.


I’m sure they didn’t have grilled salmon with rice&miso soup and some salad with tofu on top in the USA Denny’s morning menu^^; but that’s what I had here in Japanese Denny’s in this morning.   They also serve pancakes just like American Denny’s too!

Denny’s morning     Denny’s menu


KitKat Big Little

KitKat is a very famous Japanese chocolate snack which is extremely popular among foreigners as well as Japanese people.

We have varieties of KitKat series but I picked this one in this morning at a convenience store.  “KitKat Big リトル (little)”.  Big and little at the same time???

The package says, the size itself is little but the crisp level of this snack is high(big).

Normal bar type KitKat is always good to have, but this one is easy to throw into your mouth.  So this could be suitable for a little refreshments.


(O)sekihan お赤飯

I made Osekihan, Japanese traditional festive red rice eaten on auspicious occasions.

Today, I’m organising this year’s first SAKE TASTING party.  So I made this as one of the dishes that I’ll serve at the party.


This is how I made it.  Prepare 1 cup of normal rice and 2 cups of glutinous rice (mochogome/もちごめ)  and wash it and leave it for 30 minuets.  Boil half cup of cowpea (sasage/ささげ) for 30 minuets to let the water drain off.  If you can’t find sasage at a grocery store use red beans as alternative.  Do not throw away the water you have in the pan from boiling sasage.  You use it later.

Put rice, sasage and the water which you used for boiling sasage in a rice cooker bowl.  Additional water can be added if the water from boiling sasage is not enough to reach the line on a rice cooker bowl.  This recipe is for three cups but water should be added little bit lower than the three cup line on the rice cooker bowl.

After the rice is cooked, mix the rice with some sesame and salt and it is done!!!